17 AUG / Open Gudang of Kongsi Kolab

Mark your calendar!

After months of planning, we are happy to invite you to the launch party for the newly founded KONGSI KOLAB. 

KongsiKL now open its door to artists, makers and anyone who wants to be inspired!

All are welcome!
Semua dijemput!

about KONGSI KOLAB/ collaborative /

An initiative by the KongsiKL community to cultivate cultural and creative vitality by connecting people to accomplish something bigger. 

Opening its door for people from different disciplines, KongsiKL acts as an accessible platform for multi disciplinary experimental works, especially of the arts and cultures, as well as discussions.

There will be opportunities for participation, mutual learning and dialogue in this energetic social environment by opening out processes of production, material exploration and connection with other fields, encouraging new developments by engaging artists and our locality through acts of looking, thinking and producing.

Credit to:
Kolab Squads - DiàmTouchwood_KSKL, Lost & Found by Arcadia KL, Kongsi ijau, Kongsi Petak
Performers - Synchro, XiYing Sara HengKent Lee 阿部健Euseng Seto / flica, Man Ling
Artwork - James Seet
Audio & Lighting Sponsorship - Triniti Soundwave, Syarikat Instraco Sdn BhdHY WAVE TECH
Projector Sponsorship - Wowsome Malaysia
Contributors - JAck WOng, Rojak Wan (容易揾), Fei Zai, Ester, Zane Tan, JC Hoo, Josephine Ho

photo courtesy of Ho Yip Seng