04 APR / Teater Modular: 4 Playlets by Ridhwan Saidi

Teater Modular: 4 Playlets by Ridhwan Saidi

dir. Abdul Walid Bin Ali, Amirul Syakir, Hannan Barakbah, Ridhwan Saidi

4 - 8 April 2018

Teater Modular is a series of offbeat playlets by Ridhwan Saidi. After 9 playlets staged last year in 2017, this April 2018 they have the final 4 playlets. All 13 playlets will then be compiled into a book (planned to be published late 2018 or early 2019) with photos, reflections, processes etc. This staging of Teater Modular is supported by the Krishen Jit Astro Fund. 

Teater Modular with the final 4 playlets will be directed by Abdul Walid Bin Ali, Amirul Syakir, Hannan Barakbah and Ridhwan Saidi. Performed in Malay with English subtitles.

Playlet #9: Sesuap Kaseh
Sekumpulan rakan pejabat berpiknik di sungai. Dua dari mereka mengasingkan diri dari yang lain. | A group of officemates goes for a picnic at the river. Two of them isolate themselves from the others.

Playlet #10: Erti Mati
Seekor jin dan malaikat maut bertemu. Mereka berdialog. | A jinn and an angel of death met. They had a dialogue.

Playlet #11: Kurator Dapur
Suami seniman, isteri kurator; mereka baru beli barang dapur. | Husband is an artist, wife's a curator; they just bought groceries.

Playlet #12: Hotel Berdarah
Wartawan, Datuk, setiausahanya, suaminya, bertemu di dalam satu bilik hotel. | A journalist, a Datuk, his secretary, her husband, met in a hotel room.



Walid Ali, a multidisciplinary artist. Creative director for Luar Kotak Production. He has performed live art at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Chapters Arts Centre.

Amirul Syakir is a young theatre practitioner. In 2014 he became viral on the social media for his ability to impersonate voices from popular culture. He teaches drama and acting (extra co-curricular subject) for university and school student.

Ridhwan Saidi, author of six novels including Mautopia which is being adapted into a full-length play. He runs Moka Mocha Ink an independent publishing house. Teater Modular is his series of playlets, while Teater Normcore is his series of one-act plays.

Hannan Barakbah is a young theatre practitioner. Her first theatre experience was as Tony in West Side Story, but her practise was halted for 5 years for her to get a degree in architecture. She came back to the theatre through T4YP by The Actors Studio, KLPAC. This is her directorial debut.