28 APR / Clumsy Vol. 3

Clumsy Vol. 3


28 April 2018

Clumsygang Presents is a 1-day music event that started in Sepang, Selangor back in 2016 and now is the best underground hip-hop show in Malaysia. It was co-founded by Ichu and the Clumsygang in 2016 . We've booked some of the biggest names in locals Rap/Hip-hop today like Airliftz , Orang Malaya, Gard and many more. 

The event, an essential destination for local artists to showcase their talents and a variety of networking opportunities. Clumsygang Presents proves that the most unexpected discoveries happen when wide variety of taste in music and people come together.

Line up:
- Touché
- Roti
- Gard
- Pele L.
- Ichu
- K-main
- Zet Legacy
- 40K Records
- Krayziesoundz
- Lilasianthiccie
- Baraeboi$
- Rempit Godde$$
- Harith Jamil
- Cokoroi
- Aimampus
- Shazet
- Feeltupenting


Clumsygang is a Hip-hop collective that was founded by ichu back in the late 2015. First debuted in 2016 at Hoax 005, the collective consist a bunch of artists and producers with different dinstictive sound, mostly atlanta-rap/florida influenced trap. Played as an opening act for Urbanscapes and a resident act for Minut Init.