Invisible Old Klang Road/ Cities and Sign

Low Pey Sien

Observation of Old Klang Road

Artist Statement

'If These are Cities'

In this series of moving images, I am simply exploring Old Klang Road with Italo Calvino's writings from 'Invisible Cities'.

I imagined old flats as cities. Through recorded images and sound, I reconstructed my memory of Old Klang Road.

Prologue Thin Cities 5 (00:52)
① Cities and Signs 1 (00:59)
② Cities and Signs 2 (01:46)
③ Cities and Signs 3 (01:44)
④ Cities and Signs 4 (01:36)
⑤ Cities and Signs 5 (01:27)

Doris Quek for the idea and footage in Thin Cities 5 (00:13-00:40)
All text from Italo Calvino's "Invisible Cities"




序 輕盈的城市 之五 (00:52)
① 城市與符號 之一 (00:59)
② 城市與符號 之二 (01:46)
③ 城市與符號 之三 (01:44)
④ 城市與符號 之四 (01:36)
⑤ 城市與符號 之五 (01:27)

Invisible Old Klang Road/ Tracing Italo Calvino

Booku, Jalan Sepakat 9

In 2016, bookers from Booku delved in Italo Calvino’s reading for 10 sessions over 10 months, Booku. They have put together fruits of their reading and discourse into re-creating of the literature. One of it is Invisible Old Klang Road, sparked by Italo Calvino's 'Invisible Cities'.

The bookers walked around Old Klang Road and reflected on their city, based on Italo Calvino's writing and re-created in various form of doodle, sketch, art, audio and photography.