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Wah Lian Gudang Sales / Community Outreach

SOS! Wah Lian Wooden Machinery Factory that has opened its doors in Salak South New Village since 1970 was abruptly destroyed by the violent thunderstorm that hit Kuala Lumpur a few days ago.

Since the incident, Uncle Hui, the devastated owner of Wah Lian, has decided that this is the time for his retirement. However, there are still some unfinished furniture and parts in the factory, which will go to waste if he fails to find a new owner for them.

So here is how you can help! You can drop by KongsiKL and adopt some beautifully crafted furniture parts made by Uncle Hui and his craftsmen, which is priced at only RM5 – RM100! Let’s help to raise fund for Uncle Hui and the other wood masters!

* Note: Delivery service is NOT provided.

We understand that you are unsure if you have the right tools or sufficient skills to make a complete furniture out of the parts, or finding other ways to use them.

Kongsi Kolab is here to help! Lost & Found by Arcadia KLwill be here if you want to know how to start, or book an appointment with them to use the equipment in KongsiKL . There you go, a chance to help our neighbours in need, and also an opportunity to pick up a new hobby!


Operation hours:

10 Sept, Mon (7pm-10pm)
11–16 Sept, Mon–Sun (11am–10pm)

Organizer: Lost & Found by Arcadia KL
Supported by: KongsiKL and Diàm