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Two Documentaries from Taiwan + Q&A

Cinephilia is collaborating with KongsiKL to present a public screening of two documentaries from Taiwan. 

A Q&A session with the filmmakers will take place after the screening. Admission is free. 

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National Bandits - A Beautiful Mistake
Mayaw Biho | 2000 | 56min | DVD

The elderly Bununs of Tung-Pu have habitually referred to workers at the Vu Mountain National Park as 'national bandits' instead of 'national park employees.' In the eyes of these old Bununs, the designation of this land as national park has robbed them of most of their ancestral territories, leaving only a very small portion for them to live and farm. To them, this is what bandits do.

Fuzu, a Story of Love
Salone Ishahavut | 2013 | 60min | HD

In 1997, Pu-u Akuyana resigned from an advertising firm in metropolitan Taipei, to seek a new life as she returned to her hometown Laiji Community. Putting academic training she received in the fine arts to use, Pu-u embarks on a creative journey. Through art, she continues to visualize wild hogs around the wilderness to watch over the land, and people of Laiji Community.

Organizer: Cinephilia

We're a film club in KL with a few crazy programmers. We like watching films on the big screen with others, be it friends or strangers; the kind of films that might never be released in Malaysia. 

Supported by: KongsiKL 

Mayaw Biho
Mayaw Biho is a documentary film maker of Taiwanese Pangcah descent. His films have won numerous awards, including the local culture documentary film award for outstanding work of Council for Cultural Affairs and the CTFA award. His works have been shown at the Taipei Film Festival, the Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival, and the Southern Taiwan Film Festival. He is one of the leaders of the Indigenous Ketagalan Boulevard protest.


Salone Ishahavut
Salone Ishahavut is a documentary film maker of Taiwanese Bunun descent. Her film projects have been favored by Golden Harvest Awards, Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival, WomenMakeWaves Film Festival. She has also received Excellent Screenplay award by Taiwan's Bureau of Information. She is a member of the Indigenous Ketagalan Boulevard protest. She is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Anthropology from the National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu.