to Sep 8

When the Dark Hits Me


2019 New Era University College Department of Drama & Visuals 14th Graduation Production

Date and Time:
6/9(Fri ) 8pm

Entry by Donation:


018 241 6257 (Miko) / 014 321 0103 (CY )

When The Dark Hits Me is inspired by the late British contemporary playwright Sarah Kane, 4.48 Psychosis. There is no specific plot in this play, which is a type of stream of consciousness drama. The main story is about a mental illness patient's inner struggle. He is surrounded by medical staff all day long. In the process, he has not been really understood. This is his sincere confession to the world, conveying his love to people in an extremely cruel way.

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to Nov 24

Hollow from the other side: Body lab

Hollow Body Lab

Hollow from the Other Side: Body Lab
led by T.H.E Dance Company

Present on:
Friday, 23 November 2018, 8.30pm
Saturday, 24 November 2018, 8.30pm

Entry by minimum donation:
RM50 / early bird (until 11th November)
RM60 / at the door 
RM80 / with wine

Entrance enquiries:
Doris Q / 016 378 5181 (whatsapp) 
Pey Sien / 018 280 5232 (whatsapp) 

It is absolutely exciting when we learned that T.H.E Dance Company from Singapore is making Kuala Lumpur as the first stop for their SEA Tour, as an outreach to support the local dance and performance art scene of the selected SEA countries. 

Celebrating the spirit of kongsi, we have invited 6 Malaysian local dancers and musician to have a cross-over with the dance group from Singapore in a 4-day improvisation lab to come up with a site specific piece echoing the concept of Hollow Body. The exciting piece that cross discipline and geographical boundary will be presented on 23/11 and 24/11, along with two other pieces from T.H.E Dance Company, 'Pure' and 'Present' .

KongsiKL believes that the process of making art is as important as the final product itself. For the curious ones who would like to see the improvisation process and dialogue between the artists from both Malaysia and Singapore, our doors are open!

Alongside the performance:

1. 'Hollow Body' improvisation lab (open for public viewing)
21-23 November 2018; 3.30pm-6.00pm
What's happening behind the scene? Curious about dancers' process? Come witness their process! 
Free entry, donation is appreciated.

2. Contemporary dance technique workshop (for elementary and intermediate dancers)
24 November 2018; 3.00pm-4.30pm
Instructor: Ng Zu You
More details will be released next week!

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Two Documentaries from Taiwan + Q&A
to Oct 27

Two Documentaries from Taiwan + Q&A

Cinephilia is collaborating with KongsiKL to present a public screening of two documentaries from Taiwan. 

A Q&A session with the filmmakers will take place after the screening. Admission is free. 

RVSP via FB event page

National Bandits - A Beautiful Mistake
Mayaw Biho | 2000 | 56min | DVD

The elderly Bununs of Tung-Pu have habitually referred to workers at the Vu Mountain National Park as 'national bandits' instead of 'national park employees.' In the eyes of these old Bununs, the designation of this land as national park has robbed them of most of their ancestral territories, leaving only a very small portion for them to live and farm. To them, this is what bandits do.

Fuzu, a Story of Love
Salone Ishahavut | 2013 | 60min | HD

In 1997, Pu-u Akuyana resigned from an advertising firm in metropolitan Taipei, to seek a new life as she returned to her hometown Laiji Community. Putting academic training she received in the fine arts to use, Pu-u embarks on a creative journey. Through art, she continues to visualize wild hogs around the wilderness to watch over the land, and people of Laiji Community.

Organizer: Cinephilia

We're a film club in KL with a few crazy programmers. We like watching films on the big screen with others, be it friends or strangers; the kind of films that might never be released in Malaysia. 

Supported by: KongsiKL 

Mayaw Biho
Mayaw Biho is a documentary film maker of Taiwanese Pangcah descent. His films have won numerous awards, including the local culture documentary film award for outstanding work of Council for Cultural Affairs and the CTFA award. His works have been shown at the Taipei Film Festival, the Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival, and the Southern Taiwan Film Festival. He is one of the leaders of the Indigenous Ketagalan Boulevard protest.


Salone Ishahavut
Salone Ishahavut is a documentary film maker of Taiwanese Bunun descent. Her film projects have been favored by Golden Harvest Awards, Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival, WomenMakeWaves Film Festival. She has also received Excellent Screenplay award by Taiwan's Bureau of Information. She is a member of the Indigenous Ketagalan Boulevard protest. She is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Anthropology from the National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu.

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Wah Lian Gudang Sales / Community Outreach
to Sep 16

Wah Lian Gudang Sales / Community Outreach

SOS! Wah Lian Wooden Machinery Factory that has opened its doors in Salak South New Village since 1970 was abruptly destroyed by the violent thunderstorm that hit Kuala Lumpur a few days ago.

Since the incident, Uncle Hui, the devastated owner of Wah Lian, has decided that this is the time for his retirement. However, there are still some unfinished furniture and parts in the factory, which will go to waste if he fails to find a new owner for them.

So here is how you can help! You can drop by KongsiKL and adopt some beautifully crafted furniture parts made by Uncle Hui and his craftsmen, which is priced at only RM5 – RM100! Let’s help to raise fund for Uncle Hui and the other wood masters!

* Note: Delivery service is NOT provided.

We understand that you are unsure if you have the right tools or sufficient skills to make a complete furniture out of the parts, or finding other ways to use them.

Kongsi Kolab is here to help! Lost & Found by Arcadia KLwill be here if you want to know how to start, or book an appointment with them to use the equipment in KongsiKL . There you go, a chance to help our neighbours in need, and also an opportunity to pick up a new hobby!


Operation hours:

10 Sept, Mon (7pm-10pm)
11–16 Sept, Mon–Sun (11am–10pm)

Organizer: Lost & Found by Arcadia KL
Supported by: KongsiKL and Diàm

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The Chant: Percussion Show
8:00 PM20:00

The Chant: Percussion Show

We are happy to host a percussion performance by prominent percussion teams from Taiwan & Malaysia:
众擊坊 Drum Mover (TW), 覺奏感 FrhythmS Academy (MY) & HaBa (MY)!

Come and witness the crossover of traditional x modern music instruments. Expect an impactful & spiritual percussion show! :)

Curated by Diàm
Ticket available at door: RM 30

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Open Gudang of Kongsi Kolab
7:30 PM19:30

Open Gudang of Kongsi Kolab


Mark your calendar!

After months of planning, we are happy to invite you to the launch party for the newly founded KONGSI KOLAB. 

KongsiKL now open its door to artists, makers and anyone who wants to be inspired!

All are welcome!
Semua dijemput!

RVSP here.




An initiative by the KongsiKL community to cultivate cultural and creative vitality by connecting people to accomplish something bigger. 

Opening its door for people from different disciplines, KongsiKL acts as an accessible platform for multi disciplinary experimental works, especially of the arts and cultures, as well as discussions.

There will be opportunities for participation, mutual learning and dialogue in this energetic social environment by opening out processes of production, material exploration and connection with other fields, encouraging new developments by engaging artists and our locality through acts of looking, thinking and producing.

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